Installation Photographs (PDF)

Installation Guidelines (PDF)

This installation procedure serves as a general overview of the installation procedure for GeoMat Edge (GME). The system drawings should be strictly adhered to and a representative of Geomatrix Systems, LLC must be present unless the contractor is certified by GeomatrixSystems.

1) Layout system.

2) Prepare site and remove any trees with a drip line falling within 10 feet of the leaching system

3) Excavate area for leaching system.

4) Ensure that depth to seasonal high groundwater and ledge are sufficient.

5) Rake sidewall and bottom of trench to address any smearing of fines.

6) Install a minimum of 2” of ASTM C-33 sand or CT approved select fill (select fill) in the bottom of the excavation and rake the sand bed level

7) Set string and place wood strips along both sides of system location.

8) Set form on top of wood strips.

9) Install GME into respective slots and cover with caps.

10) Fill ASTM C-33 sand into respective slots and uniformly compact.

11) Lift off the first half of the form and place on wood strips in front of the second half.

12) Repeat steps 7 & 8 with the second half of the form, and step 9 with the second half of
the form.

13) Continue repeating steps 7 – 10 until sufficient to meet design specification.

14) Ensure that the sand is compacted and flush with the top of the GME.

15) Cut or melt fabric from the top of the GME core. Place a minimum of 1” of CT DOT #6 distribution stone over exposed GME core. Make certain core and sand between is completely covered with stone.

16) Install specified distribution pipe.

17) Install distal head/cleanout ports at ends of distribution pipe, if specified.

18) Install check valves on air supply lines, if specified.

19) Connect distribution piping to time dose pump station or other flow equalization device.

20) Install air supply pipe(s) from the distribution pipe(s) to the to blower location, if specified.

21) Cover distribution pipe with CT DOT #6 stone.

22) Install 6 mil. Plastic sheeting over stone, if specified.

23) Install filter fabric over stone or plastic sheeting if utilized.

24) Place a minimum of 6”, preferably 12”, of cover material over the filter fabric.

25) Cover over the length of the lateral(s) should not vary in thickness.

26) Grade area over and around the system to shed storm water and sheet flow.

27) Install GME control panel and associated wiring, if specified.

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