Since 1987, Geomatrix Systems LLC has engineered a wide variety of systems for soil and water treatment to help protect the environment.

With a multidisciplined team of engineers and scientists specializing in soils, wastewater treatment, microbiology, hydrogeology and construction management, Geomatrix is uniquely qualified to analyze and solve challenging wastewater treatment problems.

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Geomatrix products and designs are manufactured under one or more of the following and U.S. and Canadian Patents: 6,485,647; 6,726,401; 6,814,866; 6,887,383; 6,923,905; 6,959,882; 6,969,464; 7,157,011; 7,309,434; 7,374,670; 7,465,390, 9,174,863.
Other U.S. and foreign patents pending.

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