Installation Photographs (PDF)



Installation Guidelines (PDF)

1) Locate and mark out location of trenches, equipment and piping. Set stakes for location and elevation reference points. Ensure that trees are removed to prevent root intrusion. Ensure that trench bottoms are level. Rake bottom and sides if smearing has occurred. Remove any large stones and other debris - bed Geomat with approved fill if necessary to ensure level grade and/or protection during backfill.

2) Roll out the Geomat.

3) Install the Geomat lateral lines by installing the distribution piping in the Geo1200 and Geo600 or on the Geo3900.

4) Install distal pressure ports on the distal of the lateral piping. Install valve box over distal end port and protect with stake.

5) Cover Geo 3900 with GeoMat cover fabric. Wrap ends of Geo1200 and Geo600 with GeoMat fabric. Stake in place with staples as necessary.

6) Backfill system components. Ensure that cover material and thickness are relatively uniform over Geomat lateral lines.

7) Seed disturbed area immediately after installation to stabilize soil.

8) Connect to time dosing system.

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